Decor-Conscious Appliances for Designer Kitchens

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Kitchens that were once tucked away from public view have become a nexus for entertainment and home life. To make utilitarian spaces more welcoming, more and more companies are rolling out decor-conscious appliances for designer kitchens. For a while, everybody wanted big, heavy grates on the cooktop and big, chunky knobs on the range. However, the new aesthetic involves more furniture-like appliances with less metallic sheen, rounded edges and handles and more color.

Decor-Conscious Appliances for Designer Kitchens Decor-Conscious Appliances for Designer Kitchens picture

Today, consumers don’t just want the best dishwasher, they want the best looking dishwasher. However, this doesn’t mean you have to ignore all dishwasher ratings and just pick the model with the prettiest color. Appliance makers are not dismissing performance in favor of design, but trying to enhance the user experience through decor-conscious appliances. This year, the market for consumer appliances in the US will grow 3.8 percent and the global market will expand 3.7 percent. For now, stainless steel appliances remain the most popular, but a handful of more colorful looks are getting attention.

Ice White
Whirlpool’s white Ice Collections marketed as white, with soft cues of metal. White Ice is an attempt to provide an alternative to stainless steel which is easy to clean. Ice is more modern and fresh, and that is why many companies such as Apple use it outside the appliance industry. Even if trends come and go (remember the avocado green appliances?), white never goes out of style, as it is easy to blend in the overall space and adjust to new decorating whims. The Ice White collection is refreshing and a great opportunity to interrupt stainless steel’s long reign as the leading finish in the kitchen. Moreover, the best dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are white. A white built in refrigerator will look amazing in any kitchen, and it will also save lots of storage space for other things.

Decor-Conscious Appliances for Designer Kitchens Decor-Conscious Appliances for Designer Kitchens picture

Vintage and Colorful
For those who want to liven up their designer kitchens with a vibrant color theme, companies such as GE and Big Chill bring some vintage, retro and funky options. GE started offering this June their new retro-inspired decor-conscious appliances. However, making a fashion statement with your appliances will cost more. If you like to follow trends and can afford to replace your large appliances often, colors may be a great option for you, as they can give any designer kitchen an updated look. If you read the 2015 refrigerator reviews, you will see that the latest models come with a few color choices that will allow you to blend your fridge with the rest of your kitchen furniture.

New Lines
Big Chill offers a retro line with the amenities of today’s appliances. The design includes a stamped metal body and classic pivoting handles. For example, the Retropolitan retro refrigerator comes in over 200 colors and is Energy Star efficient. Gorenje has 3 new lines for 2014: Chic, Vintage and Funky. If you like perfection, minimalism and if you treat yourself to great pleasures, the Chic line is just what you need. The Vintage line is for the romantic ones who gather pieces of the past and the funky line will please anyone who loves freedom, adrenalin and new sensations.

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