Household Appliances Designed for Water Quality Improvement

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It is no longer a secret that water is very important for our health and our lives. The brain and the heart are composed of almost 70% water, the muscles of almost 80%, our skin contains 64% water and even our bones are watery: 30%. There are many people preoccupied with their health who buy bottled water thinking that it has less impurities and a better quality than tap water, but that is a misleading thought. Not only are there some chemicals in the plastic material that pass into the water and alter its quality, but also the plastic bottle acts like a conductor for unhealthy chemicals in the environment such as gas fumes or pesticides. This process is accelerated if the plastic has reached a higher temperature. In fact, this thing makes the water bottles an even more dangerous choice than the tap water. Besides bottled water or tap water, a third choice would be using a water purification system right in your home. Many studies have shown that there are many people who felt more energetic after drinking filtered water from their home water source. Let’s take a look at the options available on the market.

Household Appliances Designed for Water Quality Improvement Picture Household Appliances Designed for Water Quality Improvement Picture

Water purification systems installed under the sink

Among the best sellers that you can find on there are iSpring, Filtrete, APEC and Coulligan. These filters provide endless filtered water, rejecting up to 99% of chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, microorganisms, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and many others. These systems work based on the reverse osmosis process. Before buying an under sink filter, you might want to read the reviews on Based on those reviews, you can understand exactly how efficient and easy to maintain certain filter models are.

Countertop Water filters

You can find countertop water purification systems from brands such as Brondell or Zen Water Systems. These systems are easier to install and cheaper than the ones that are to be installed under the sink. They are an economic choice for a good water purification system and they come with adapters that fit 99% of standard kitchen faucets.

Water Filtration Pitchers

Filter pitchers such as the ones from Aquasana, ZeroWater or Brita are large recipients that remove up to 96% chorines and cholarimes, 99% of cysts, 96% of mercury, 99% of lead, 91% of MTBE, 99% of turbidity, 95% of volatile organic compounds and 99% of asbestos.

Filtration Bottles

Filtering bottles such as the ones from NduR, Seychelle or Berkey are made from BPA-free plastic and they can eliminate up to 99.9% of micro-organisms, 99.99% of all chemicals and heavy metals and up to 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, including E-coli found in water sources. They are the most affordable and portable water filter systems.