How to Deal with Persistent Food Odors

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The food odors from your kitchen give the impression that the house is not clean and sanitized. Nothing is more unpleasant than receiving some guests when your kitchen entirely smells like food. Fortunately, removing food odors from your home is easier than you think. Not to mention it is inexpensive and does not require a huge effort. You have no idea how many things you can use to have clean air in your home. Here are some simple tricks that you can use to eliminate the persistent food odors.
How to deal with Persistent Food Odors Picture How to deal with Persistent Food Odors Picture

Remove grease and food stains from your stove

The first step you have to do in order to get rid of persistent food odors is to start cleaning oil and food stains from the kitchen stove. No matter how careful you are while preparing a meal, the stove may get dirty eventually because hot oil and grease can spill all over it. If possible use a sponge soaked with a dishwasher detergent or baking soda to remove grease stains.

Get rid of fridge odors

In your fridge we basically store everything from cheese to fruit and, when we open the door, we find an unpleasant odor. To get rid of food odors, you can put in a saucepan half a lemon and place it in the refrigerator: it has high absorption power, while releasing a fresh citrus scent. Also, to continuously keep a fresh smell in the refrigerator, wash it with vinegar and water and place on the top shelf a bowl of sliced citrus (lemon or orange).

Clean the dishes thoroughly

Even if they are well washed and rinsed after being used, pans or plates have an unpleasant odor. This is what you can do: after washing with regular detergent and rinse with water, you can rub the pan (including the margins) with half a lemon. The smell disappears immediately.

How to get rid of cooked meal odors

To avoid the poignant smell of burned oil, before you turn up the heat, put a slice of apple in the pan. If it has a darker color, it is a sign that you need to change the oil. However, it is advisable that after you finish frying, you must throw away the oil.
To avoid the smell of roast or steak from invading the whole house, you can place a container with some vinegar in your stove. To prevent the impregnation of roast smell throughout the house, going through the fabrics and fibers in carpets, clothes, sofas and curtains, there’s a remedy: roast apples. Before frying meat, place a few slices of apple. Not only your steak will be more tasty, the air becomes more fragrant and pleasant.

Keep the humidity under control

Humidity is a constant problem in any kitchen, one which can appear, despite the use of a powerful cooker hood. A high indoor humidity also favors the development of nasty odors. If you want to keep your kitchen’s humidity levels under control, read the latest dehumidifier reviews 2015 and pick a good unit that will help you maintain a balanced indoor humidity. There are countless humidifier models on the market and only by reading the dehumidifier reviews 2015 can you narrow down the models most suitable for your kitchen.

Improve the air quality in your kitchen

If you want to have a clean air in your kitchen, you can opt for an air purifier. Air purifiers can substantially improve indoor air quality and living conditions dramatically by reducing mold spores, allergens out of the air, bacteria and microorganisms. It also fights against viruses and any bacteria that may cause an unpleasant scent in your kitchen. Visit in order to discover the best air purifiers on the market and choose a model that will keep the air in your kitchen fresh.