KitchenAid 24-Inch 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher, Ultra Handle

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A lot of people decide to buy a dishwasher due to the fact that they want to waste less time or water while washing the dishes. Whether, they do this out of concern for the environment, for their budget or for their personal comfort, the fact is that a dishwasher’s efficiency is very important. However, few people know that the power and water saving estimates which are advertised by dishwasher manufacturers are only true when the dishes are not pre-washed or rinsed before a cycle. The best  dishwashers on the market feature innovative technologies which deliver spotless dishes, regardless of how dirty they were. Therefore, if you want to save money and time, we advise you to buy a dishwasher which does not require pre-rinsing. Our favorite such dishwasher is the KitchenAid 24-Inch 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher, Ultra Handle. According to, this dishwasher is one of the best value products in its category. If you want to find out what makes it so special, keep reading as it only gets better.

KitchenAid 6-Cycle7-Option Dishwasher
  • Performance

KitchenAid is a brand known for producing top quality appliances which are also very durable. The KitchenAid 24-Inch 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher, Ultra Handle is a modern appliance which integrates the latest technologies of this industry. Its main feature is the Pro-Scrub Option which can handle even heavily caked dishes without them being rinsed or soaked before a cycle. This option works by directing 40 water spray jets in different angles. Thus, the dishwasher directs powerful pressure in several angles in order to eliminate even heavy stains. Another interesting feature of this dishwasher is the ProWash Cycle. According to the 2015 customer reviews, this option allows the dishwasher to find the best cycle for each load of dishes. Furthermore, the dishwasher can also make cycle adjustments during a program in order to improve its cleaning performance.

  • Capacity

When buying a dishwasher, it is important for it to handle all of your dish washing needs. For example, if you cook on a daily basis, and you constantly find your kitchen filled with dirty pots and pans, you will need a dishwasher with a big capacity and a smart rack design. Furthermore, even if you don’t cook that much, it is always better to load a bigger dishwasher once every day than load a smaller one several times a day. The KitchenAid 24-Inch 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher, Ultra Handle can fit as much as 16 place settings. This makes it suitable for any situation. Therefore, whether you have a medium family and you cook daily or you are holding a party with your friends, this dishwasher will always ease your work and handle all of your dish-washing problems. The interior of the dishwasher has a lower and an upper rack as well as a third level culinary tool rack. The normal racks have fordable tines which allow you to load all types of dishes, regardless of their size. You can also raise or lower the upper rack in order to adjust the dishwasher’s capacity.

  • Warranty and price

The KitchenAid 24-Inch 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher, Ultra Handle can be acquired for $1,699, a justified price for one of the best dishwashers on the market.  The appliance has a limited warranty for certain parts and repair costs. It also has a limited warranty for the controls during the second through fifth years. Furthermore, the stainless steel tub has a limited lifetime warranty. The price can be considered a little spicy. However, if you consider the 2015 customer reviews, you will see that this dishwasher is a lot cheaper than similar products on the market. Furthermore, it is Energy Star Qualified which means that it will even help you save some money on your water and power bills.