The Most Popular Types of Coffee Makers

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For hundreds of years, making coffee was a simple process: the coffee was placed in a pot or pan, water was added and then covered with a lid to begin the infusion process. Although most Americans use electronic types of coffee makers, in some parts of the world pots are still popular. These pots are designed specifically for brewing coffee and have a flat expanded bottom to catch sinking grounds or a wide bulge in the middle. Coffee is definitely an important part of many cultures. These are the most popular types of coffee makers:

The Most Popular Types of Coffee Makers The Most Popular Types of Coffee Makers Pictures

Standard Drip Coffee Makers

These types of coffee makers can be found in every home. Even people who don’t drink coffee have one for guests serving. Drip coffee makers are also the most economical, unlike a specialty machine. They usually have a capacity of 4 to 12 cups, making them perfect for homes with multiple drinkers. Most models are automatic and programmable, allowing users to set up the machine in advance. Look for some top coffee maker reviews and check their features closely before deciding on a product, because there is a large variety here and it might be confusing to try and just pick one.

Percolator Coffee Makers

Although there are so many different types of coffee makers, the percolator is making a comeback. The electric percolator with an automatic setting is the most popular among coffee lovers. Even if the capacity and variety are limited, some people believe that this device brews a richer, full-bodied coffee than a drip coffee maker.

Single Use Coffee Makers

A single use coffee maker requires a tea pod, K-cup or capsule to brew a single coffee cup. This device offers a convenient, easy to use, quick and clean way of serving specialty coffees, lattes, herbal beverages and teas.

French Coffee Press

The French coffee press has been used for decades and is still among the most popular types of coffee makers today. However, the experience is quite limited, as it involves pouring boiled water in the Press over the ground coffee. However, this model is not designed for stove use. Just put in the ground coffee, fill with boiling water and slowly stir, pressing the grounds to the bottom. After a few minutes, pour the coffee into a cup.

No matter which type of brewer you decide to go for, always look for the top coffee maker reviews and compare them to determine what advantages and disadvantages exist. That way, you make sure you won’t overspend on a product that doesn’t offer everything you need, or even one that has features you will never use.

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